Know Rights Against Telemarketing

Could Too Much Caffeine Lead To A DUI Charge? (Apparently, Yes)

If there is one thing that attorneys probably can’t stress enough, it’s that driving under the influence of any substance—including legal ones—that affects your ability to drive safely can result in a DUI charge. In a case out of California, caffeine, which is something many people forget is actually considered a drug, has become the […]

Can You Be Charged With Arson If Your Backyard Bonfire Rages Out of Control?

Arson has been in the headlines lately, particularly with the recent revelation that the deadly and highly destructive wildfires in southeastern Tennessee were the alleged work of two teenagers. While wildfires can result from a number of innocent (or at least non-malicious) human causes, those who are alleged to have deliberately or recklessly started a fire […]

3 Tips For Building Your Portfolio Through Successful Patent Acquisitions

With more companies recognizing the value of patents as transactional goods, patent acquisition is playing a more prominent role in the development of a solid business portfolio. Investing in the purchase of existing patents can be costly, so you want to ensure that you are making sound purchases. Here are three tips that you can […]

Size Discrimination And Clothing: How To Determine If Your Workplace Is Crossing The Line

Most workplaces will have rules about what you wear. Some places will require a specific uniform to be purchased, while others will have guidelines about what types of clothes you should purchase and wear to work. If you have been accused of not having followed the dress code, you may get in trouble with management. […]