Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer For Workplace Injuries

Posted on: 12 July 2022

After a work-related injury, most people are often burdened by substantial medical bills followed by a long recovery time. The period can be difficult for such individuals since they do not have a source of income. Thus, it becomes necessary to seek compensation from their employers. However, employers are not always willing to pay a fair amount or even pay at all. Thus, you must consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. They will offer benefits like the following.

They are Affordable

Most people who experience a work-related injury avoid getting help from an attorney. They assume the lawyer will ask for an upfront retainer before they can represent them. However, that is a wrong assumption. If you have a legitimate compensation claim based on the factors that contributed to the workplace injury, the attorney will likely not ask for upfront fees. The lawyer will instead work on a contingency basis whereby they will receive a certain percentage of your compensation package. It ensures you do not have to worry about legal expenses but instead focus on your recovery. Thus, a personal injury lawyer will forgo any initial fees, guaranteeing you can afford legal representation.

They Gather Irrefutable Evidence

In case of a workplace incident resulting in injury, your employer and their insurer will seek to minimize the compensation amount; it involves trying to discredit your claim. For example, they could state the injury was due to personal incompetence. If you do not have a lawyer to protect your interests, you might fall for such schemes and receive unfair compensation. Thus, you must hire a personal injury lawyer to prove employer negligence contributed to your injuries. The lawyer will find witnesses to testify on your behalf and obtain surveillance footage from your employer showing the event leading to the incident. They will also hire expert witnesses like doctors to evaluate the nature of your injuries and determine probable causes. 

They Can Stand Up Against Your Employer

Negotiating with insurance adjusters is a complex task since their main goal is to lower the amounts paid as compensation. They take advantage of your vulnerable position after a workplace injury to offer little compensation with the hope your desperation will push you to accept any amount. However, you can choose to hire a personal injury lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. Lawyers have incredible negotiation skills, and they can arrange for better terms than those on offer. For instance, the lawyer can demand full payment of your medical bills and a monthly allowance to meet your expenses before they reach a deal. Moreover, the lawyer is incentivized to negotiate for better compensation since they get paid a percentage.

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