The Long-Term Effects Of An Accident And Your Career

Posted on: 17 May 2022

An accident will affect so many different areas of your life. Some of the negative things could take a while to become apparent, though. Your job, for example, may be affected by your injuries in ways that you did not anticipate. Read on to find out more.

Lost Wages

You are entitled to be paid for all the time and income you missed out on from your job. Keep up with your time and include any paid time-off you used as well. However, victims should understand that most insurers don't cover lost wages after an accident. It sounds unfair, and it is, but it's one of many forms of damages that are only available for victims that take legal action against the other driver that caused the accident. While lost wages may be paid to victims by speaking to a personal injury lawyer, some victims lose more than a few weeks of income after an accident.

Long-Term Career Damage

Unfortunately, some victims are not only out of work for some time but may never be able to return to their job again. If you or someone you love has been so seriously injured that a return to work is uncertain, you need legal help to ensure you are paid what you deserve. You could be entitled to your lost wages not only for the time in the past but also into the future.

Permanent Injuries

When an accident causes permanent injuries, it will inevitably affect a victim's ability to earn income. Some victims cannot return to their previous job, and some may be unable to work at any job. Your personal injury lawyer will see to it that you are evaluated by medical, vocational, and economic experts to determine how much you would have been paid had you not suffered the injuries caused by the careless driver. These experts will review your injuries, your rate of pay and your predicted salary in the future, and your ability to perform at your job or any other job. That evaluation will provide you and your lawyer with a sum of money that the other driver's insurer owes you for lost career opportunities. For instance, if you were a mail carrier before the accident, injuries to your arm or back could prevent you from doing that job again. The experts will predict how much money you would have earned, how much you'd have been given in raises, and your ability to perform other work.

Don't allow the other side to get away with leaving you with no way to earn income. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your injuries and get paid what you deserve.

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