4 Reasons To Hire A Semi-Truck Lawyer After A Wreck

Posted on: 17 June 2021

Many individuals who are involved in semi-truck accidents do live to tell their side of the story. Those who do may have significant injuries that cause suffering indefinitely. If an individual is injured in a trucking accident, they need to know the importance of getting an attorney. Individuals who have injuries that appear to be minor need to consider getting a lawyer too because some injuries may not present themselves until later. The insurance company for a trucker involved in an accident will likely want to offer a quick settlement to a victim. An accepted settlement is legally binding and cannot be rescinded. The following points represent signs that should alert individuals involved in an accident with a semi-truck to know they need to contact a truck accident lawyer.

The Trucker's Negligence Caused the Accident

Truckers can be deemed negligent if they commit a variety of offenses. Speeding, improper care for tires, distracted driving, and refusing to take rest stops are all examples of negligence. Some victims are entitled to sue the driver and the trucking company that employs them.

Serious Injuries From the Accident

These types of injuries represent those that are life-changing. For example, an individual might lose a limb or lose their ability to walk. Serious injuries can also be characterized as those that require hospitalization. Although most people go to the emergency room after an accident, many are released after examination and treatment. If long-term therapies and multiple doctor's visits required, that is also a good indicator that a lawyer is needed.

More Vehicles Involved

A trucking accident that involves a single vehicle and semi-truck is likely to be able to negotiate and determine fault. If there are other vehicles involved, there might be more than one at-fault party. This means that you could seek compensation from more than one source. The determining factor would be negligence. 

Harassment and Threats From the Insurance Company

It is hard to believe that representatives from an insurance company may make threats or try to force victims to accept settlement offers. However, this is a scare tactic that has been used by some agents. This can make accident victims have increased anxiety. The accident will likely produce anxiety especially if there were fatalities involved. If you hire a truck accident lawyer, you can refer the insurance company representatives to contact your lawyer. Never discuss a case that you intend to seek compensation for without a lawyer. 

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