What Types Of Cases Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You With?

Posted on: 11 August 2020

Personal injury lawyers sometimes specialize in handling certain types of cases. However, overall, personal injury lawyers help with many different types of personal injury cases. These are a few examples of the different types of cases that a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you with.

Dog Bite Injuries

Being bitten by a dog can impact your life in many ways. Dog bite injuries can be very serious and can leave you with expensive medical bills. You might also be dealing with personal fear and trauma after a dog attack. You shouldn't take the situation lightly if you have been attacked by someone else's dog. Instead, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who has experience with dog bite cases and who can assist you with your case.

Swimming Pool Injuries

In some cases, people are seriously injured when swimming in a swimming pool or hanging out near the pool. If this has happened to you or your child, you should consider working with a personal injury lawyer so that you can hold the responsible party responsible for these injuries, such as if you were at a public pool when the injury occurred. Some of these attorneys also help with wrongful death cases, which can be helpful if you have unfortunately lost a child or other loved one due to a drowning death or other lethal pool-related accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents

People slip and fall in businesses, on city sidewalks, and more all the time. These accidents might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes, people sustain concussions, broken bones, or other serious injuries due to slip and fall accidents. These accidents can happen due to slippery substances not being cleaned off of retail store floors, lack of signage to warn pedestrians of slippery areas, and more. A personal injury lawyer can talk to you about what happened and can help you determine if you might have a good case.

Car Accidents

There are many personal injury lawyers out there who help people who have been injured in car accidents. In fact, many attorneys find that there are so many car accident cases available for them that they specialize in handling car accident cases. If you have been injured in a car accident and if the accident was not your fault, then you might need help with covering the damage or loss of your vehicle, the expensive medical bills that you have incurred, the loss of income that you have dealt with since your accident, and more. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer with experience with car accident cases should be able to help with this. Speak with someone like Todd East Attorney at Law to learn more.


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