How Staying Off Social Media Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

Posted on: 9 June 2020

It's safe to say that almost everybody uses some form of social media these days. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, daily viewing and posting is a way of life for most. There are a few times in your life, though, when you might want to curb your need to post about your life and how you are feeling at the moment. Read on to find out why using social media sites after a car accident can be so damaging to your case and your chances of personal injury success.

Seeking Support

It's only natural after a traumatic event like an accident to seek support from your friends and followers using social media. Few other forms of communication offer users the ability to reach so many in such a convenient way. The problem is that many social media users think that they can say whatever they wish and that their postings are private. Unfortunately, regardless of how you've set up your privacy settings, all social media content is subject to subpoena when dealing with legal matters.

Who Cares What Your Say?

If you intend to seek money damages from the at-fault driver for causing the accident, then their insurer may care a lot about what you say on social media. Accidents will inevitably cost someone money, and if fault is determined to be with the other driver, their insurer will do everything they can to minimize their client's liability. Even innocent assurances about your injuries to friends and family members can be misconstrued to imply that you are faking injuries in order to gain insurance compensation, for example.

Unfortunate Postings

Take a look at these other examples of postings that could be misinterpreted by the other side:

  • You give a summary of the accident that contains incorrect or inaccurate information.
  • You post a few photos of yourself on vacation enjoying yourself and seemingly healthy.
  • You tell others on social media that you are unhurt.
  • You express remorse about the injuries of the other driver.
  • You post about feeling blessed to have escaped without serious injury only to develop symptoms of a head injury later on.
  • You ponder how much your own driving habits might have contributed to the accident.

Seek Support Elsewhere

Rather than using social media platforms for a form of therapy, talk to your friends and loved ones in person. For those having problems dealing with the trauma of the accident, seek professional mental health care. Finally, speak to a car accident lawyer about the accident and about how your behavior can negatively affect your ability to gain compensation.


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