Tips To Keep Your Divorce Proceedings From Getting Out Of Hand

Posted on: 25 March 2020

Divorce is an emotional and tough time by design, but if you are still on speaking terms with your soon to be ex, you both might be interested in trying to keep things from getting ugly. There are a number of things you can do both before and during the divorce proceedings that could help you keep the situation from getting out of control.

Remember the Goal Is Not to Punish

When you contact an attorney who provides local divorce law services, make it clear from the start that you are hoping for a clean break and that you don't want to create a situation where you are actively trying to "punish" your ex for filing for divorce. Now, if your ex turns on you, then all bets are off, but the idea is to go into the process with respect in the hope that both parties can get to the end of the proceedings without anyone having to deal with too much grief. You are hoping for a fair split for all sides, not trying to score points on your ex one last time on your way out the door.

Consider Mediation

Mediation is the process of bringing both sides and their attorneys to a negotiating table. An official mediator can be hired to go through the assets and come up with a fair solution for all involved. Going into mediation leaves you with more power because you can negotiate go back and forth about who gets what. This may be far preferable to leaving it all up to a judge inside a courtroom because then it's really out of everyone's hands and you have to do whatever the judge says in the end.

Leave the Kids Out of It

Once of the quickest ways a divorce can get ugly is when one side starts using the children as a weapon. To be clear, this is not saying you shouldn't fight for custody, but the idea is to avoid a situation where you are actively trying to keep your kids from your spouse just out of spite. This will likely cause the other side to retaliate, and then things can get out of control and both sides could end up not getting what they want, putting the kids into a less-than-ideal situation.

Contact a local divorce attorney today to start your divorce proceedings. Keep a level head and remember that you used to love your ex, and maybe you can both get through this without things getting ugly.

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