Hire An Attorney Before You Cross Into The United States

Posted on: 31 July 2019

Are you planning to come to the United States from another country in the near future? If so, you likely have a lot of questions about the immigration process. While it's true that the United States is home to the Statue of Liberty that once greeted immigrants at Ellis Island, today, the U.S. might not be so incredibly welcoming, especially along the U.S.-Mexico border. If you want to ensure that you get into the States, you may want to consider hiring an attorney before you attempt to cross. The truth is that you could run into an issue even if you are coming in legally. Here's what an immigration attorney can do for you.

Get Your Case Moving

If the United States does open an immigration case to further study your situation, you should know that it might take some time to be resolved. Today, there are thousands of pending cases, and people often wait for weeks or months before they get a resolution. You may be turned back from the border momentarily or in a worst case scenario you could be brought to a detention center.

Immigration attorneys have a different phone number they can call to get through to someone involved with the government's immigration services. This may not move you to the front of the pack, but it could at least get the ball rolling and it's preferable to someone trying to contact the basic customer service line.

You Still Have Due Process

If the government determines that you are not eligible for entry or insists on taking an especially long amount of time to get to your case, don't lose heart. You still have due process no matter what an immigration agent might tell you. A good lawyer may be able to review your case and get the government to reconsider. He or she can double check your paperwork for errors or challenge a specific part of the ruling in court.

Media Pressure Works Sometimes

Immigration attorneys today often have contacts in the press. If you are being given a hard time by immigration services, your attorney might be able to get your story out to the American public. Perhaps you are coming here to be reunited with your family. Maybe you are being detained but there are also innocent children involved. Whatever the story, no one likes negative publicity. A seasoned immigration attorney may be able to turn up the heat and get your case re-considered by making a few phone calls.

Contact U.S. immigration attorney law firms like Tesoroni & Leroy by phone or e-mail before attempting to enter the United States. You'll be able to attempt your crossing with greater confidence and peace of mind.


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