Suing A Minor That Bullied Your Teenager

Posted on: 14 March 2017

Peer pressure and bullying can make the teenage years one of the most difficult phases to go through in life. If you have a teenager that has become too depressed to continue going to school because he or she was being bullied, you might be able to file a lawsuit. You can also sue if your teen has suffered any physical injuries as a result of the bullying. You will first need to hire a personal injury attorney to find out how to go about getting justice when the bully is a minor. In this article, you will learn how the case might go if you take the bully to court with help from an attorney from a place like Hardee and Hardee LLP.

1. Discuss the Nature of the Bullying

You will have the chance to discuss the type of bullying that caused your teen to not want to attend school anymore. Make sure that you explain everything, even if it is something that doesn't seem major. For instance, if your teen was told by the bully to not enter certain areas of the school, you should let the attorney know. Depending on the age and mental state that your teen is in, you might want to take him or her with you when consulting with the attorney. Your teen will be able to give more specific details about the bullying than you are able to.

2. Explain How the Situation Affected Your Teen

The effects of the bullying will play a major role of the results of the lawsuit. The attorney will want to know each way that your teen has been affected physically. For instance, even if the bullying resulting in your teen harming him or herself, the other party can be held responsible for it. Any physical abuse from the bully should also be explained, especially if it led to your teen needing medical assistance. The depression that he or she has been experiencing is considered an injury as well because it is detrimental to psychological health.

3. Learn What Can Be Compensated in the Lawsuit

After listening to the story about your teen, the attorney will be able to tell you about everything that can be sued for. Getting physical and psychological medical treatment for your teen are a few of the things that you can get compensated for. Having to homeschool your teen is another thing that can be included in the lawsuit. Consult with a personal injury attorney about the bullying as soon as you can.


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