Discharging Your Debt: When You Have Debt You Can't Pay Back

Posted on: 12 January 2017

When you owe money to a number of creditors, it can be difficult to get out from under the mountain of growing debt. If you owe money to credit cards, this is debt you can get rid of through a bankruptcy filing. Other debt, such as back taxes, must be paid back. You must also make a payment arrangement to pay back child support. If you are getting close to having your wages garnished, it's time that you work with an attorney who can help you get your debt back under control.

You may be able to work out a payment arrangement with those you owe money to, and you may be able to remove the debt through bankruptcy. Simply ignoring requests from debt collectors will eventually lead to a wage garnishment that is difficult to get out of.

Income-Tax Debt

If you owe a lot of money in back income taxes, you will have to work with the government to establish a payment plan. Even if you can't pay your taxes, file them anyway. You'll end up paying more in penalties if you ignore your taxes than you will if you file your taxes but don't pay them. Back income-tax debt is not going to get erased by filing for bankruptcy. The government can be quite reasonable when it comes to developing a payment plan, so try to work with them before you get your wages garnished. The government has the ability to garnish your wages for back taxes. If you get a final notice for a hearing, go to the hearing to try and straighten the problem out.

Credit-Card Debt

Credit card debt is unsecured debt, and you can get out of paying all of your credit-card debt if you file for bankruptcy. The problem is, if you wait too long and allow credit cards to garnish your wages, you'll end up paying off some of your credit-card debt anyway. If you aren't going to be able to get out of credit-card debt any time soon, your best option may be to file a bankruptcy to get rid of your debt.

If you have mounting debt and are getting close to having your wages garnished, it's time for you to meet with an attorney such as Stuart J Sinsheimer for an initial consultation. You can negotiate with your creditors and get reduced payments, but you have to act before your wages are garnished.


Child Support Enforcement Secrets: What You Should Know

If your ex was ordered to pay child support as part of your divorce settlement, you have every reason to expect it to be paid on time. If he or she isn't meeting that obligation in a timely manner, you do have some enforcement options. Instead of struggling to get by or finding yourself fighting with your ex about getting the payments you're entitled to, you should reach out to a child support attorney who can help you take the case back to court. Your ex will have to show just cause for why he or she isn't paying or the courts will order them to catch up. I created this site to share what I've learned about child support enforcement over the years. I hope it helps you to understand your rights and the options available to you.

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