Three Ways You Can Get Hurt Due To A Car Lot's Negligence

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Looking for a brand new car is an exciting time. If you are on a lot looking for a new car, most of what is on your mind is low mileage, a good body, and the features that you want. One of the last things that you will be thinking about is possibly getting hurt on the car lot. Here are three ways that you could get hurt on a car lot due to negligence and how to deal with it. 

Cars running into you while you are coming in 

Many car lots have vehicles that are packed in pretty close quarters. When people drive onto the lot, there is likely limited spaces for them to go. If you are walking around a corner with a blind spot due to too many vehicles and get hit by a vehicle, this may be partially the fault of the dealership. Since a dealership has a reasonable expectation of people and cars walking and driving on the lot, they need to provide proper space and signs for those who are doing both. If you are hurt due to a blind spot at a dealership, you may be able to collect your personal injury from the dealership and the driver of the car. 

Driving an unsafe car

Several people may test drive a car before anyone decides to buy it. If you test drive a car and get into an accident due to the car breaking down or the car not being safe, you may get hurt. Car dealerships must maintain their vehicles so that they are road ready. If a car malfunction was at fault for your accident, you can sue the dealership for negligence. Be sure to request through a lawyer that the car be looked over by a mechanic that is hired from the outside so that there is no bias. 

Damaging a car you purchased

Sometimes a car dealership may throw in items during the sale of a car, including fixing any issues the car may have. If you get out on the road in your new car and realize that something that was not wrong before is wrong now, you may be able to sue the car lot for damage. If you got into an accident almost immediately due to damages by the car lot, you can sue for any personal injury that happened, especially if the car was brand new.


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