4 Reasons To Hire An Adoption Attorney

Posted on: 30 March 2016

If you are considering the adoption of a child, it is often best to have legal representation. Here are a few reasons to hire an adoption attorney:

Protection from Scams

Often, a private adoption may be advertised on the internet or in a local paper communication. The person advertising is assumed to be a parent of a child being placed up for adoption. However, there are instances in which scam artists prey on people who would like to adopt a child.

Fraudulent individuals may be able to solicit money from people who are desperate for a child by lying and offering pictures of a child who does not exist. By hiring an adoption attorney and allowing him or her to handle all of the transactions and communications with the birth parents, it can help ensure that everything concerning the adoption is legitimate.

Adherence to Adoption Laws

The adoption process is governed by state laws. If an adoption regulation is not properly observed, the adoption may not be legal. An adoption attorney can help ensure that all paperwork is performed in a timely manner and that any necessary consents are received as they should be.

The Answering of Questions

Throughout the adoption timeline, adoptive parents often have questions or concerns about the process. Time frames can be important, especially when you're waiting to officially add a little one to your family. The adoption attorney can advise of the time periods that must pass in order for an adoption to become legal. In addition, the legal professional can inform you concerning how long a birth parent has before his or her parental rights are fully relinquished.

Some questions can be associated with unforeseeable events that may occur during the adoption process, such as the birth of a baby with a severe birth defect or the delivery of a stillborn child. In addition, some birth mothers want to maintain communication with the child that they're giving up for adoption. An adoption attorney can help adoptive parents navigate through difficult or questionable situations.

Legal Attainment of Written Consent

Consent from the birth parents should be received immediately following the birth of the child. By having an attorney on hand, it can encourage the birth parents to move forward with the decision to allow you to adopt their child. The longer that the birth mother and father have to contemplate their decision after seeing the newborn child, the more time they have to be convinced not to place the child up for adoption.

If you are considering the adoption of a child, contact an adoption attorney in your area.


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