Is An Ex Suing You For Verbal Harassment? What To Know

Posted on: 24 March 2016

If you have someone claiming that you have verbally sexually harassed them, either in person or via an electronic device, you want to talk with a lawyer right away. You want to get on top of the problem right away, and come up with your defense. 

If you were sending pictures of your private parts or talking in an inappropriate manner, it may be more difficult to get out of the charges. Here are a few things you want to take with you when you go to meet with your lawyer.

Evidence of Consensual Behavior

Do you have proof that the two you were having mutual conversations via email, text messages, and other forms of communication? Can you show that you guys were both expressing an interest in a physical relationship, or a relationship that was leaning towards dating? If so, this may show that the person was giving you the intentions that she was reciprocating your feelings, and this can help your case.

Were there times that two of you posted pictures on social media? These postings could be another great source of proof for the relationship, to show that the two of you were dating at the time or around the time when she alleged harassment took place. If you have documents to show the messages or emails, print them out for the attorney. 

Eye Witnesses

Are there eye witnesses that will speak on your behalf, to say that they saw the two of you together and that you had a mutual interest in each other? People that will say that the other person involved said you were dating or that you were together? If so, you want these people to write a statement for your lawyer, and you should ask them if they are willing to testify in court.

Counter Information

Was there every a time that the other person was threatening, violent, or that they did something that could be punishable in court? If so, you want this information and proof so your lawyer can use it as a negotiation point.

If you are being sued or someone is putting together a case against you for sexual harassment, it's time to talk with a lawyer to find out what you can do to counteract the case. You don't want to end up getting punished for something you didn't do, or something that was consensual and not harassment. 


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