Divorce Mediation: Why You May Need Further Representation During Your Divorce

Posted on: 28 April 2015

Divorce mediation is used by many couples who are in the process of splitting up their assets and debts. While it can work for a couple that is divorcing amicably, a divorce mediator is not looking out for the best interests of either party. The mediator will make suggestions, and offer insight to the couple, but the mediator represents no one in the divorce. If you feel you are being cheated in the separation agreement, further representation may be necessary.

Divorce Mediation Follows Guidelines Loosely

When two parties are separating, child custody, assets and debts are all laid out on the table. In divorce mediation the couple can come to an agreement based on the guidelines set by the courts. A divorce mediation agreement doesn't have to follow the law to the letter, and can in fact be accidentally favorable to one party or another. While you may want your divorce over quickly, being hasty to sign a settlement agreement may not be in your long term best interests.

Your Own Lawyer Works for You

While the law can be pretty straight forward when it comes to divorcing, the subtleties in a divorce agreement can be easy to overlook. You may find yourself agreeing to less child support than you deserve without even knowing it. By hiring a lawyer to handle your affairs, you are ensured that your own needs are being looked after first. Although you can work with a mediator to discuss your divorce, if you are not satisfied with the agreement then you can seek out your own representation to help you fight for what you want.

Your Spouse May Have More Legal Experience 

If you have no legal experience, yet the spouse you are divorcing happens to be an attorney, you need your own legal representation. They know the law, and they understand their own rights. You may not know these rights on your own, because you don't have the experience or education. While doing your own legal research is good, only a qualified lawyer like Finocchio & English can provide you with the answers you need to make sure you get what is rightfully yours in a divorce. Even if your ex isn't an attorney, they may have their own representation or legal adviser telling them what their rights are.

When you are in the middle of a divorce, you need to protect yourself. Work with mediation to resolve some of the bigger issues, but if you are not satisfied, contact a qualified divorce attorney in your area today. Your future depends on solid legal representation.


Child Support Enforcement Secrets: What You Should Know

If your ex was ordered to pay child support as part of your divorce settlement, you have every reason to expect it to be paid on time. If he or she isn't meeting that obligation in a timely manner, you do have some enforcement options. Instead of struggling to get by or finding yourself fighting with your ex about getting the payments you're entitled to, you should reach out to a child support attorney who can help you take the case back to court. Your ex will have to show just cause for why he or she isn't paying or the courts will order them to catch up. I created this site to share what I've learned about child support enforcement over the years. I hope it helps you to understand your rights and the options available to you.

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